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So, here it is…my very first blog! To be honest I am absolutely terrified writing this, but I can’t wait to take you along with me on my journey in the newest addition to the wedding industry as a wedding content creator. In my blogs I’ll be sharing my life as a content creator, wedding planning tips, trends, freebies (because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a freebie!) and much more. 

More about what an actual content creator does later but first I thought I would introduce myself and how I ended up here. My name is Jamie I’m in my 30’s, I’m not going to tell you which one of the 30’s I am though! I live in Yorkshire with my daughter, my partner and his two sons. I am an Army Veteran, and proud! Yes, little old me used to crawl through fields, live in ditches and march around for a living but it also took me to some incredible places that I will be forever grateful for. But as much as I loved my life in the Army it just wasn’t compatible with being a mum and the lifestyle I wanted for her. 

Now, you may be wondering well how did she go from being a Soldier to a wedding content creator and I will tell you! It all started in 2021 which was an extremely tough year for me I was suffering badly with my mental health and in the October my mum got married, which was an absolutely beautiful day but deep down I was struggling. I didn’t drink a drop of alcohol or go on my phone, I wanted to be present in the day and use the opportunity to be around my whole family and in particular my daughter who, by the way got me through that day! Anyway enough about the doom and gloom, the reason I’m telling you this is because a family member took a video of me and my daughter dancing on our own at the back of the room. Just me and her totally in the moment, unaware of anyone around us and that video is the now the most precious video I own. 

I have always had a passion for photography and videography and come from a very strong entrepreneurial family so in 2022 I wondered if capturing candid moments like that family member did for me was a thing in the wedding industry and when I did some digging and researched, I saw that it was a huge trend in the USA and there was only one wedding content creator in the UK (in Scotland) I wanted to bring it to England! So that’s where The Social Wedding came about. 

So, like many people you are probably asking yourself what a wedding content creator actually is and what benefit they can bring to the wedding industry. We are responsible for capturing all the candid, behind the scenes memories of a wedding day, from the excitement of getting ready to partying the night away and EVERYTHING in between. It means that the bride, groom, wedding party and guests get to stay phone free and ‘unplugged’ – which means everyone gets to be fully in the moment and soak up the memories without the worry of trying to capture them on camera. I love to capture the intimate moments, whether that is between the bride and her mum, the bride and groom and even family members that would not usually be able to spend the quality time with their loved ones. 

In a world full of social media (and whether we like it or not it’s not going anywhere) we are all guilty of wanting to share our special moments with the world, and your wedding day is one of the most special days that people want to share. Hiring a wedding content creator means that you receive every single unedited image and video that we take within 24 hours, yes you heard that right 24 HOURS! You then get to relive your day again the next day and share your story with friends and family that weren’t able to share your day. Why unedited you may wonder, so many people have their own ‘style’ of social media and this way you get to edit the photos and clips to your style and post away! TikTok’s and Reels are also created for you, ready to post directly onto your platform. So many people start those trending videos on the morning of their wedding day and forget to finish them but with a wedding content creator being there on the day they capture the content and have them ready for you the next day. 

Now let’s talk photographers and videographers because wedding content creators DO NOT replace them, we work alongside them! We give a different perspective of your wedding day, we capture the behind-the-scenes Instagrammable clips, they capture the photo you are going to print onto a canvas to go above your fireplace or the movie that you are going to watch every Christmas. wedding suppliers work together to make your dream day happen and wedding content creators are going to fit into the day as if they have always been there. 

So, I’ve talked about me, how I ended up here, what a wedding content creator is and how wedding content creators are becoming an integral part of the wedding planning process capturing and preserving the memories of one of the most special days of your life. 

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